poniedziałek, 1 czerwca 2015


One of the most interesting and amusing things I saw lately was a Facebook page, my friend invited me to like, named "Kura Fatima". I was curious what was that so I enetered this weirdly named page. It turned out it was a fanclub of a hen, who was rescued from a transport to a farm, where she would spend all her life laying eggs. Laying is an understatement here. "Producing" eggs. 

That Facebook page was very funny. It showed everyday life of a hen who lives in an apartment in Warsaw with a boy who rescued her. She eats from a plate, drinks from a little bowl, sleeps in his bed or sometimes on an armchair. The owner says that sometimes they visit a man who has a little garden in Warsaw and who lets Fatima spend some time there. The hen seems very happy with her new life. You can follow her perfect life here: KURA FATIMA

niedziela, 31 maja 2015

Friendship and travelling

They say that moving in together can ruin the best relationship. The same problem refers not only to couples, but also to friends. Last summer I decided to go with my friend to Italy. After a two-week holiday with my friend all I can say is that never before has our friendship been put to such a test. 
Some prosaic disagreements appeared even before the journey even started. We could’ve not decided on a hotel, plane tickets and leisure activities,  not to mention the places we would like to visit. When we arrived in Rome, my friend, informed me that she was tired and had no will at all to leave the hotel room. It was only 6 p.m. so I decided to explore the surroundings by myself. The next morning, after spending almost two hours in the bathroom, Sara graciously decided to appear for breakfast. I knew that she would rather had stayed in bed or at the swimming pool all day. The only two things she had on her mind were shopping or sunbathing. Even though I was fully aware of her obsession with appearance, I could not expect that it will affect our journey that much. Sara didn’t show any particular interest in sightseeing, learning about the local culture or undertaking any other activities beside going to the fancy restaurant for a dinner. 

Thanks to holidays with Sara I realized an important truth – if you don’t want to doubt your friendship, you better not travel together. Especially when the problems apear even before the journey starts.

*Any resemblance to real persons or name is purely coincidental. 

poniedziałek, 19 stycznia 2015

Party time

Me and my flatmates have decided to organise an after end-of-term examination party. We found some interesting ideas to surprise our guests. Most of our friends like sushi, so we’ve decided to prepare extraordinary sushi for them. I have found on the internet some nice ideas how to make sushi that looks like panda, ninja or penguin.

 Another interesting appetizzers that we are going to prepare are little, lovely spinach and bread cupcackes. The frosting on the cake of our interesting menu will be of course the drinks. We have decided to put a special food colouring in the drinks to make them sparkle in the dark.

wtorek, 2 grudnia 2014

Pumpkin risotto

Autumn is a perfect season to eat pumpkin. Lately I bought a piece of pumpkin and I wanted to make a vegetarian dinner of it. I found a few recipes and I chose something easy and quick. It was Pumpkin Risotto. To make this dish you just need:
-a piece of pumpkin(around 1 kilogram with a rind)
-one glass of milk
-2 onions
-two tablespoons of butter(30grams)
-salt, pepper
-white wine (one glass)
-broth (1 liter)

First you need to cut the pumpkin into 1cm pieces, put it into a bowl and soak the pumpkin in the milk. The best if it soaks for 24h, but if you don`t have time it might be less. Then you chop the onions and you fry them on the hot butter. After around two minutes you add half the amount of cut pumpkin. You fry this around 5 minutes than you put rice, you mix everything and you pour the wine. You stir everything until it all dissapears into the rice. Then you start to pour the broth. You pour a little bit, once the rice absorbs it, you pour a little bit again. You have to stir the rice all the time so it wouldn`t overburn. After around 15 minutes you put the rest of the pumpkin. You repeat the process of adding broth until the rice is cooked. It can`t be too soft. Once the rice is cooked you put the pan aside and you flavour the dish with salt, pepper and nutmeg. You can also put a little bit of grated parmezan. 

Bon appetit

środa, 19 listopada 2014


Two weeks ago I went to the cinema and I saw a movie Interstellar. It`s a new movie of Christopher Nolan who is already very famous for Inception. The music to this movie was, as well as for Inception, composed by Hans Zimmer. Just by hearing those two names whe can suppose that the movie would be very good.
The plot of the movie is set in the future where the resources of the Earth are about to finish. The human race is running out of food. The main character is traveling through a wormhole to another galaxy in order to find another habitable planet that humanity can survive on. The main pilot hopes to be back on Earth so he could meet his children again. The largest part of the movie is of course the trip through space where we can admire very impressive images while listening to Hans Zimmer`s music.
I think the movie was worth seeing. Even though it lasted for three hours at the end I was suprised that it had already ended.

Below you can find a link to the trailer:


poniedziałek, 27 października 2014

The cruise - Civitavecchia

The cruise started in port of Civitavecchia that is also known as „Port of Rome”. Civitavecchia is located around 60 kilometers far from Rome, but it belongs to the province of Rome in Lazio. The name Civitavecchia means ancient town.
If you arrive to Civitavecchia with a train from Rome(this is how I arrived there) the first thing you see when you leave the train station is the beautiful Tyrrhenian sea and then a little bit further the harbour and The Michelangelo’s fort. In the harbour of Civitavecchia there are the cruise ship docks. Many cruise lines start andend their cruises there. With only one hour trip by train it is easy to visit Rome during cruise.

                                                          The Michelangelo's fort

piątek, 17 października 2014


So I`ve written my thesis on a subject of the dream in the short-stories of Mircea Eliade and I`ve passed the final exam. I`ve just started my master and I`m starting to write my blog. So, just to start with this-a little piece of text about Eliade.

Mircea Eliade was born in March 1907 in Bucarest in Romania. He was a Romanian philosopher, writer, one of the most famous historians of religion and a professor at the University of Chicago. Mircea Eliade wrote over 30 volumes of religion studies, literary works and essays. Between 1928 and 1932 Mircea Eliade was on the scholarship in India(Calcuta) where he studied the philosophy and learned Sanskrit. While in India Eliade fell in love with his host`s daughter on whom he based his novel Maitreyi (Bengal nights). In 1956 he went to USA where he gave lectures and received a title of the professor of the history of religions. He died in April 1986 in Chicago in USA. His grave is located in Oak Woods Cementary.